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Going Green

To protect the environment is to protect your family

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Clean Air


To use air pollution free machinery is to protect the environment

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Green Energy

To use green machinery is to protect ourselves and the Planet

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Green Design

The origin of creativity in protecting the environment

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Only makes machinery that helps humans and the Earth

Are you still using machines that produce air pollution?

Do you put your health in hazard by working in polluted environment and inhaling fumes from machines driven by gas engines?
Try our air pollutant and PM 2.5 free electric machinery for yourself, your family, and a better environment.


OUSAMA Agricultural Machinery

only makes machinery that helps humans and the Earth!

    We produce fume and pollution free and high efficient Electric agricultural machinery,

    E-Grass Cutter , E- Hegdetrimmer EM-600 , E-tee-leaves trimmer , E-leaves Blower, E-hoister,

    BLDC motor Driver, E-Van, and E-MUGV (Muti-function Unman Grounding Vehicle)

    to help you improve efficiency and save on manpower.

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